About Us

Hi! My name is Scott and when I found myself relaxing and floating in the water I always questioned and wondered if there was something out there to hold my drink upright. After researching and researching I was unable to find anything practical, functional and effective so I decided to design it myself. My Floating Coldy Holdy was not rushed out to the market, as I began to make samples and conduct tests nearly two years before they were released. There has been many changes since my first prototype and this was done to deliver the best quality product at a very fair price. Once I felt that I perfected the product, I started this company and began marketing the Floating Coldy Holdy. It replicates the reliable, original foam koozie in keeping your beverage cold AND it is also the most similar floating beverage holder in the market; all while remaining 100% upright both completely full or empty.

Please take a look at the different colors offered and pick the one that suits you!